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Breathing classes
Breathing classes
Breathing classes

EnergyTouch® works on the human energy field that surrounds and supports us, from the cellular level to the level of spiritual growth.

By balancing energy at the body’s many chakras, or energy centers, Energy Healing can create alignment and balance within the body and in the way it processes energy. Thus EnergyTouch® promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being through a process of increasing self-awareness and personal power. Its methods are in alignment with recent discoveries regarding epigenetics, which suggest we can affect that expression of our very DNA. EnergyTouch® is also a way of working with your own intentions to heal past trauma, stress, and exposure to toxic influences. It offers potential for aligning your individual energy field with the energy field of the Earth and the universe.

An EnergyTouch® practitioner can help you learn the language of your body and heed the cells, the guidance of your spirit. As an EnergyTouch® practitioner, I integrate shifts in energy due to changes and transitions in my clients’ lives. Using sense perception and intuition, I connect with your energy field and help guide the flow of energy in helpful, rather than harmful, patterns. Without touching the physical body, my work often induces a deep state of relaxation and calm. In this state, new insights often surface that can further effect positive change.

I have been fortunate to experience a series of energy healing sessions from Mary Rondenet. Being a lightworker myself brings additional challenges to those assisting me with their healing services. Mary's assistance in the many transformations that have been happening to me is simple priceless. The depth of her talents is remarkable! Her compassion paired with the power of her healing abilities has brought me through many of the challenges that come on the path of evolution. I am full of gratitude for Mary's assistance, she is a truly blessed soul!

— J. Titschler