We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

— Joseph Campbell

Raise Your Vibration.


Our breath is primal. Our most basic and direct connection to the outside world. With each inhale we literally take in the outside world and with each exhale we literally release that which has been held within. Transformational Breath® teaches you to use your entire respiratory system and therefore enhances and deepens this existing connection. The changes that can happen from the simple act of paying attention to your breath are profound.

In totemic philosophy, the whale spirit animal is the earth’s record keeper. Perhaps because of the deep in-breath that powers their expansive range through the world’s oceans, whales are evocative of deep calm, of memory, and of clarity. Being within range of whales and their expansive energy helps us to reconnect, on a cellular level, to memory within ourselves.

Having worked extensively with whales, I have developed a deep connection with their energy. Through a process called WhaleBreathing I help clients create a space for clarity and mindfulness, and thus live in the present moment.

Find your power. Nurture your soul. Sing your own song.


The Whale Whisperer of Chicago

Mary Catherine Rondenet

IPEC Certified Professional Coach
EnergyTouch® Practitioner
Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator


I have been swimming with whales and dolphins since 2007 and have had some amazing encounters. My experiences have helped me to become a more passionate and joyful person. Viewing my experiences from the perspective of being a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and EnergyTouch® Practitioner, I realize that being with these magnificent beings has helped me to reconnect to the most important thing in life, my breath.

I bring a compassion and peace to my work with others that comes from firsthand experiences of frustration, compassion, obstacles overcome, and tragedies transformed. Born the sixth child of a couple who were still grieving a recent stillbirth, my own hearing and learning disabilities were discovered only after years of frustration—and a severe lack of faith in myself—led me to temporarily abandon higher education.

After finally learning that my disabilities made me different but not less, I began to conquer the difficulties they presented… and explore the gifts they offered. I found in myself a compassion for differences. A determination to conquer obstacles. I went back to college, finished with honors, and began to explore ways to help others who face roadblocks.

My own journey has taught me how to, despite my past, stand in my own power. I know this is possible for everyone. Everyone carries with them pain from their past and everyone can be transformed. I am deeply committed to helping people find, feed and embrace all of who they are. To reawaken that which has always been there. To use the breath and the Sacred Energy of Whales to release what no longer serves them and to connect to the power of nature and experience peace, harmony, and joy.