What is it?

WhaleBreathing is a way of establishing and maintaining your connection to Self, Soul and Spirit. It supports increasing awareness of one’s inner voice and increasing clarity regarding the place of energy and emotions in everyday life. As clarity increases, so does your ability to stand in your own strength and find your own power and authentic self. Through WhaleBreathing you meet the I Am.

WhaleBreathing can be practiced in individual sessions (in-person or in a distance healing session) or in a group.

WhaleBreathing was developed by Mary Rondenet and is her way of sharing her own deep connection with and channeling of Sacred Whale Energy.

Individual Sessions & Distance Healing

available by appointment

Contact Mary via call or text @  1 (847) 226-6541‬ to schedule

Group Sessions

Groups can be a wonderful way to practice and honor your love of one another by celebrating and Breathing.

Upcoming Group Events

None currently scheduled


Groups can also be a great way to celebrate special events - family reunions, specials birthdays or just a time to release stress and bring more connection. It even works in a corporate settings to help employee feel more energized, relaxed and more accountable to each other. Contact Mary via call or text @  1 (847) 226-6541‬ to discuss your specific group needs.