What is it?

Transformational Breath® is a powerful self-healing technique that helps us breathe more deeply using the entire respiratory system. With a fully connected breath we can encourage physical, mental and spiritual restoration.

Benefits include decreased tension, de-toxification and increased energy.  Using this breath you can integrate repressed patterns, freeing you to experience new levels of love, joy and freedom. Practitioners of this art report greater insight and clarity into their life's purpose, greater peace and expanded creativity.

Individual Sessions

available by appointment

Contact Mary via call or text @  1 (847) 226-6541‬ to schedule

Group Sessions

Groups can be a wonderful way to practice and honor your love of one another by celebrating and Breathing.

Upcoming Group Events


Groups can also be a great way to celebrate special events - family reunions, specials birthdays or just a time to release stress and bring more connection. It even works in a corporate settings to help employee feel more energized, relaxed and more accountable to each other. Contact Mary via call or text @  1 (847) 226-6541‬ to discuss your specific group needs.