3 Ways to Harmonize Your World During Troubled Times

I’ve heard your frustrations: you’re tired and drained; you’re crabby and you don’t know why; you can’t seem to shake a feeling of dread; you don’t want to socialize. The list goes on but the underlying message I’ve heard from you is “I’m done!”

The recent controversy around our country’s Supreme Court nomination has felt to many women like a personal blow. It seems as if members of Congress are saying, “I don’t see you. I don’t hear you.”

You wonder, “How do I find trust? How do I feel seen and heard?”

I’d like to reframe the question to, “How can you stay in harmony?”

While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I have learned to turn to my whale totem for guidance. Whale energy always teaches me to be the curator of my own vibration. It’s about my inner work and staying grounded in my own power.

As I was assisting on a Whale Swim trip in Tonga, I had a wonderful, up-close reminder of this power. The guide asked each of us to set an intention for the outing and mine was to dance with a whale. That seemed like a tall order, but soon we came upon three whales: a male, a mother, and a baby. There was a lot of activity and breaching and when I jumped in the water the male came right up to me and we began swimming, eye to eye.

I was so lost in the moment that I forgot to stay near another woman in my group. When I looked around, I saw that she was swimming alone. I swam toward her and the male whale followed, swimming directly under me. He came very close, his nose right beneath me. For a moment I was a little scared! Then he began spyhopping—bopping up and down while looking at us. He was playing with us! Finally, he went beneath us again, rolled over onto his back, and opened his flippers and heart to us, like a dog rolling over!

When we were back on the boat, someone said, “Oh my gosh, that male whale was dancing with you!”

Later this whale came to me in a dream. I heard the message that his name was Micah, which means “close to the Lord.”

He said, “When you first saw me, you were afraid. Why?”

I answered, “Because you’re so powerful!”

And he said, “So are you. When you feel scared, go back to that moment. Be in your power but do it with gentleness and love.”

This is what I love about whales. Being in the water with these giant animals is like meeting God. You feel the very force of creation, yet their gentleness is remarkable. So is their ability to meet us where we are.

So how can whale energy restore you to harmony when the external world is upsetting and uncontrollable?

Here are three things you can do:

  1. Focus on your heart. Put your hand over your heart. Feel it beating. Feel it open energetically.

  2. Breathe and rest. Allow yourself to be in the moment without trying to change anything.

  3. Notice what you’re feeling. Do you feel a need to express yourself or connect with someone? Is there one small step you can take to do this?

These steps are part of my HARMONY process, which is designed to ground you in the present moment and help you tap into the deep, oceanic wisdom that is your true nature.

If you would like to dive deeper into this, come see me for an individual healing session or join one of our upcoming groups. It’s time to empower yourself!

Kimberly LeClair