Embracing the light during the darkest times


Everyone is familiar with the dark night of the soul, but how often do we speak of the quiet night of the soul?

The first one is associated with pain and transformation, the second with comfort and inspiration. Sadly, in our culture, we often don’t allow ourselves time to explore the difference.

How can we, when there is just so much going on? Despite the cold dreary days, there is shopping to be done, gifts to wrap, parties to plan, family members to host---the demands of the holiday season quickly become more important than our innate need for the winter season

Nature shows us the way; be still and go within, it says. Above this, the radio blares to be jolly and rock around the Christmas tree! It’s easy to become depressed during this time because if we don’t feel joyful we judge ourselves as not doing something right. We rarely give ourselves permission to just be.

Luckily, it’s not a matter of choosing one way of being over the other. Just as we can’t understand light without darkness, we can’t experience joy without quietness.

This time of year offers an opportunity to embrace the light of consciousness, even when it’s not reflected in our environment.

I experienced this earlier this month when I was in Hawaii for a retreat. The hotel was decorated for the season, with holiday lights strung in the lobby and carols playing by the pool. There was even a Santa Claus appearance. Yet, as I sat on the beach in my sundress, it was hard to feel the energy of Christmas. Despite the sunshine, I wanted to “hibernate” by sitting on my balcony and watching the ocean.

My soul wanted to go inward. It was the perfect reminder that, no matter what is happening around me, this is my time of year to go within.

If you’re not sure what steps you can take to go within and cultivate the light, start with two simple practices:

Take time to breathe and meditate for five minutes.

Keep extending this time until you reach fifteen minutes. Sit in silence as you watch your thoughts pass by, without judgment, and see for yourself how this transforms your day.

Do some journaling.

Typing is not the same as moving your hand. The soul speaks to us through our bodies and reconnecting with the physical sense of touch can be especially enlightening during this dark, quiet time.

I was able to combine these practices with the energy of the ocean and the energy of the nearby dolphins and whales. Every time I experience this, it’s like another piece of me that’s being pulled back into me. I can be sitting in meditation and suddenly feel so much love and compassion in my heart that I know they’re coming. They carry a harmonic tone that allows me to open my heart to its highest vibration of compassion.

This is what the season is truly about.

As I watched the sunset, I allowed myself to enter the quiet night, and in the silence, I was able to listen to the light within myself.

Will you take time this season to embrace your light? Schedule a healing session with me if you’d like support around reconnecting with the joy and compassion that lives with you.

Kimberly LeClair