Let it Be. Then Let it Go.

As I’ve shared before, I’ve been in the process of selling my house. I had it on the market for seven months and in that time I learned a lot about impatience and discomfort. I found that, by honoring both the challenges and the blessings that were showing up, I was able to find a new level of acceptance.

This led to renewed clarity and I made the decision to take my house off the market. I waited and relisted it in February. Then I left to go swim with the whales on the Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic.

I walked out the door knowing that I had done everything possible around the house sale and that it was time to let go of the outcome. I knew I needed a break from taking care of anyone or anything, and set the goal to be present. Immediately I felt lighter, as if I’d taken off a heavy jacket.

Almost as an afterthought, I emailed an emergency contact number to my realtor. Four days later, I was out on the whale-watching boat when a message came over the radio. I had three offers on my house.

There is power in letting go.

First, we honor where we are, then it’s time to invite the universe in and get out of the way.

It’s not always easy. But there are simple steps to begin letting go.

Think of something in your life that you struggle with. Go into your body and feel that struggle. Where is it? Don’t judge, just notice. Let it be. Bring awareness and a sense of trust to mind. Ask yourself: What would it feel like to let it go? Is there an energetic shift when you imagine letting go?

I learned that once I let go of worrying about my house, I could be present. The encounters I had with the whales on that trip were phenomenal. They were singing and dancing and didn’t want us to stop playing with them. Every person on that excursion let go of their worries and stayed in the gift of the moment.

The whales teach me that whatever happens, happens. I can’t control the weather or the way the whales will show up. I try to hold on to that lesson, knowing I will continue to be challenged.

After the wonderful news that my house had sold, it wasn’t long before I went into a spiral of doubt and worry about putting an offer on a new house.

When I tuned into my body, I felt fear: Why did I let go of a beautiful home? What if I end up living in a shack.

My inner voice asked: Do you believe in your work? That’s when I felt calm.

It was another reminder to step out of the way and let the universe work. As I walk this process, the voices of doubt continue to come. But deeper down, I know that it’s going to be fine.

I let it be. And then I let it go.

Next month my theme will be MOVING FORWARD and I’ll share more about my new home, which is surrounded by nature, bike paths, and a dog park. In the meantime, what do you need to let go of to move forward?

Kimberly LeClair