Connect with Your Breath.

Reclaim Harmony.



March 2019 & July 2019

Have the Adventure of a Lifetime. Breathe with the elements of Earth, Water, and Air & Fire as we honor the majestic Whales. Discover a deeper meaning of forgiveness as we breathe together.

Experience Pure Joy and Peace

Swimming in the wild with whales reminds us that nature's power is part of us. As we witness their movements and listen to their magnificent breaths, we nurture our souls and breathe, basking in love, laughter, and connection with each other.

Small group sizes give you the chance to spend the maximum amount of time in the water interacting with these magnificent animals.


Individual sessions with mary
By Appointment

Stop living your life in panic mode, instead find your own rhythm and harmony by using your breath to connect to your Body, to your Soul, and to Spirit.


Various Dates

Whales have the highest energy vibration of any creature on Earth. Gather together and call in the Whale Energy as we connect - to self, other, and Spirit.



we are born with a natural rhythm, our own harmony
often our life takes us away from this
we can learn to reclaim our natural rhythm and harmony



Modern life serves to disconnect us from Spirit and from ourselves. We find ourselves caught in the go-go-go lifestyle and panic. We can't be bothered to slow down and breathe. Sometimes our wake up call is tragic loss or even a scary health diagnosis.

WhaleBreathing reconnects us by drawing on the high vibration of Whale Energy and reawakens us to honor and pay attention to our own body.

Why wait for tragedy and loss? 
Our breath is the Doorway to the space of I Am.

Start Reconnecting Today.


Join us for a life changing journey. Release and connect to the power of nature and experience peace, harmony, and joy.