Only 540 People A Year Swim With Humpback Whales. Will You Be One?


“Whales hold the highest vibrations on Earth. When you’re in their presence, you can’t help but experience a profound healing.”  Mary Rondenet

I was swimming in the warm clear waters of the Silver Bank, off the coast of the Dominican Republic, about to come face to face with a humpback whale. It was a young female, only 13 feet long, and for a second I was afraid she would bump right into me. But I remembered the words of the guide: Don’t move. The whales know exactly where you are.

I looked her in the eye before she gracefully turned and glided just feet from me. As I watched her white pectoral fin break the surface of the water I felt an indescribable joy rise in my chest. In that moment, I felt reborn.

These transcendent moments have been a reality for me and for those who join me on my retreats. It’s been my joy to work with whale energy for more than six years, and it’s the culmination of a vision that began when I was a child.

From an early age I dreamed of being a marine biologist and spent hours pretending I was Jacques Cousteau. On our family vacations I would take deep dives into the lake, looking for sea life. This was in the late 60s, a time when the gray whale was being over hunted and on the verge of extinction. The Soviet Union alone illegally killed more than 534,000 whales by the 70s, an astonishing decimation that’s been called one of the most senseless environmental crimes of the 20th century.

Perhaps that’s why my encounters with humpback whales feel so profound. Despite being hunted and nearly wiped out, whales remain gentle, loving creatures who embody the highest vibrations of love and forgiveness. These magnificent animals are often called the memory-keepers of the earth, and they serve as reminders of our wholeness and connection to all things.

The totemic spirit of the whale represents calm, expansive energy, and when we approach them with curiosity and respect our own energy fields expand with their healing energy.

Whales teach us about harmony.

When whales are singing (or toning) they’re sending a harmonic, vibrational energy to the earth. This vibration affects us all the way to the cellular level. It’s a feeling that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Here’s what my retreat co-host Laurie Senty said about her last experience:

“As the female came up to take a breath, she turned over belly up and wrapped her pectoral fins towards us, as if she was embracing our whole group in a loving hug.

He took a powerful breath a couple more times and settled back down next to his lady. His head was resting just above hers. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the love I felt.”

After an encounter with a whale, all you can do is smile big and scream, “WOW!” It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime event that most people will never enjoy.

Don’t you want to be one of the lucky ones?

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