3 Lessons From the Eye of the Storm


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the theme of disruption.

In the last few months, we’ve witnessed a spectacular solar eclipse followed by raging forest fires and devastating hurricanes. From my position, sitting in the relative safety of the Midwest watching the East and West coasts, I could easily pretend that disruption doesn’t affect me. I haven’t lost my home, or a loved one. My biggest frustration today may be navigating the never-ending construction disrupting so many Chicago streets.

But my work revolves around taking people back to nature, whether on a boat in the ocean watching whales, or reconnecting with their true nature, so I’ve paid particular attention to these external events and what they have to teach us.

We’re all connected, and I can always learn from observing the bigger picture. Disruption is going to happen to all of us. It may be a natural disaster, an emotional storm, an infuriating family member, or a sense of being blown over by an unexpected change.

No matter what the challenge, my goal is to find the eye of the storm. Only when I find that place of harmony can I appreciate the underlying goodness of disruption. When I allow disruption to shake up my ego, I get the chance to look at what I believe. The ego is developed from the first chakra, which is based on our roots; it’s programmed by culture, society, history, and is not always “my stuff.”

Disruptions offer me the opportunity to realign with my power and my higher self. They teach me surrender.

There is always love and compassion underneath disruption.

So how do I connect to that love? How do I stay grounded, centered, and calm when disruptions occur?

Here are three ways I reclaim stillness and peace, and you can too:

  1. Connect to your breath. Ask yourself what you’re noticing in your body. Are you breathing from your chest or your belly?
  2. Allow it, whatever it is. Give it space, without judgement. Emotion is energy in motion. In order to move it we have to feel it.
  3. Become present to the stillness beneath the disruption. Notice where there is no movement. This is your true self, the eye of the storm.

If you need support through disruptions occurring in your mental, emotional, or physical bodies, please contact me for a healing session by clicking HERE.