#MeToo: I Deserve To Live in my Power


This week, as I led a group of women through a Whalebreathing workshop, I heard a theme emerge. Many spoke of disempowerment and admitted that they don’t give themselves permission to stop and just be.

In fact, before we began the breathing exercises, there was a harsh energy in the room. Some people were rushed. Some felt anxious. One woman admitted she was angry.

We all needed to ground and use our breath to return to our bodies. When we take time to become present in our bodies, everything lines up and something profound happens.

What happened in the group was that the woman who was angry was able to connect to the part of her that felt like a powerless little girl. I reminded the group that when we allow all of our feelings, we are honoring the feminine, which is the energy of receptivity and compassion.

As this was happening within our group, the #MeToo campaign was going viral on social media. The hashtag began on Facebook after the news broke that Hollywood producer and power-broker Harvey Weinstein has a long history of sexually harassing women.

The words #MeToo have brought the magnitude of female disempowerment to light. We’re seeing a lot of women standing up now, demanding to be heard. Women are reclaiming their feminine gifts of sensuality, receptivity, and gentleness and refusing to be victimized, helpless, or silent.

Whale energy teaches us that there’s a sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine within all of us that is built on harmony and universal respect, and when it comes out of balance, there’s destruction.

As we move through this shadow time, it’s easy to think, “Wow. As a society, how have we come to this?” Instead of reacting to what’s out there, we have an opportunity to get present to the experience and examine where we’re trying to exert power over our circumstances or one another. Until we ALL learn to be in the moment and take responsibility for our motivations, our boundaries, and our feelings, the change will be painful.

Connecting with whale energy through Whalebreathing or healing sessions can help us find peace and harmony, even when there aren’t clear answers around us. My hope is that we can look closely at the anger and helplessness that is currently surfacing for many women and shift it so that #MeToo means everyone enjoys personal power, freedom, and choice.