Breathe and Open the Door to Manifestations


In December, the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, we are being offered an opportunity for our souls to do powerful work in the unconscious. It is somewhat normal for us to shy away from darkness. If we turn inward and let our inner light carry us through the darkness, we can connect with our soul to allow expansion and growth. 

With the sun close to the earth and less light during the days, it is a wonderful time to turn to your inner flame and wisdom. Go within, tend to the inner soils and plant the seeds of manifestation for the new year. Just as the seeds of nature are underground, preparing for new life in the spring, we have access to the wisdom of the soul. It is a contemplative time, allowing us to become quiet and listen. This peaceful place of darkness can be a magical time of creation.

In the tradition of Waldorf education, based on Rudolf Steiner’s ideas, it is believed the veils between the spirit realm and human realm are the thinnest between December 24th - January 6th. This sacred time is referred to as The Holy Nights. By pausing to be quiet in a meditative state each day, you can receive insights into the new year. Listen closely. Each day represents intentions and manifestation for one month.

To plant the seeds of creation, pause and take time for yourself. Follow what brings joy and peace to your heart. Meditate, journal, walk in nature, enjoy a salt bath, curl up with a good book, dance, sing... tap into inspiration and creation. Breathe deeply. Cherish this sacred journey.

As a gift for the holiday season, I’m offering a simple, yet powerful breath exercise you can do at any time and anywhere. It will allow for expansion and connection to your soul. If you give yourself five minutes to breathe, you will raise your vibration, clear your mind and open the doorway to creation. 

  1. Take a moment and just breathe. Notice what you notice without judgement. Allow your breath to expand through your body. As you exhale, visualize a release of what is not needed… stress, overwhelm, worry. Take four to five breaths to connect.
  2. Place your hands on your diaphragm, which is at the base of your ribs. Feel your diaphragm expand and contract as you breathe.
  3. Visualize your diaphragm as a balloon. As you inhale, the balloon expands in your chest, middle and lower belly. Allow your inhale to be long and your exhale to be shorter, yet gentle.
  4. As you connect to the rhythm of this breath, allow your body to set the pace.

I wish you many blessings on your journey into creating manifestations beyond your imagination! And peace, love and happiness throughout this holiday season.